Interim & Fractional VP Engineering (VPE)

An interim or fractional VPE is an experienced engineering leader who can support your business when there is a internal gap, often when:

I excel in rapidly understanding the largest problems your team is facing and business context and collaboratively developing solutions to these challenges.

I will also help you find, evaluate and onboard a new permanent engineering leader if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a fractional VPE vs a permanent VPE?

Over time, most growing technology companies will require a full-time VPE. In the past, companies often hired their first VPE when the engineering team reached 10-20 people and the initial engineering leader needed more support. With a fractional VPE supporting the initial leader, you can bring significant experience into your business while growing someone internally, ensuring your business takes the right strategic and operational engineering decisions.

This saves you the significant expense of hiring a full-time VPE while keeping many of the advantages.

What's the difference between Interim and Fractional VPEs?

An interim VPE refers to a seasoned engineering leader who can step in during transition periods, filling gaps in leadership before a long term option is identified. A fractional VPE works for your business part time, potentially over a longer period or on a specific project.

What's the difference between a fractional CTO and a fractional VPE?

A fractional CTO is often part early stage businesses. They will likely be hands on and develop the product along with a team. A fractional VPE is less likely to be actively developing but can have significant impact on a team's people, processes and the product that they develop. Generally, they are more impactful at a later stage than a fractional CTO. 

What's the difference between a Fractional VPE and an Advisor?

There's overlap here - an advisor generally will spend up to one hour a week working with your business and often be compensated with a small amount of equity. They are not often operational. Often, a fractional VPE role will start with an advisory position, and develop as the needs of the business grow.

How much time do you spend per week?

This entirely depends on your needs and budget. I can coach your leaders in only a few hours a week, up to 3-4 days a week for more significant leadership needs.

How are you compensated?

I can be flexible depending on the needs of the business. For smaller engagements, equity is an option. We can also discuss hourly, daily or retained options.